Artwork by Joe Cavazos

Well, we're getting really close to having the finished product ready for everyone. We've just recently got the master copy of the EP back from Chris Bethea, and we couldn't be happier. We can't wait for everyone to be able to hear it also. If you haven't already, listen to two of the tracks from the EP on our site, just hit the tab labeled "The Music." We're pumped about the artwork for the EP also. I've seen some of Joe Cavazos's work on sites like CreationSwap and really just loved the things he's created. So as you see in the picture above, he was able to make us some pretty sick designs for the EP. We're excited to see the full project put together and hopefully you will be as excited as we are.

More than a great sounding album or great looking artwork, we want this project to be fully surrounded by the annoiting and presence of God. Without that, all of this stuff is pointless. We desire that these are songs that will take people to a "New" or "Deeper" relationship with Christ. The title of the EP says it all...Greater Is He! Greater Is He that's within me, than he that's in this world. We as believers must share this with everyone. God is greater than the troubles of this life. We pray that thorugh this project people will be given Hope in a God who truly desires to give us LIFE! 

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