Hopefully this is exciting news for you...now you can download our first EP "Greater Is He" on NoiseTrade for FREE. The cool thing about NoiseTrade is that it's completely legal. We are freely giving our music in hopes to gain more listeners and fans. You can help us by posting it on Facebook and Twitter for your friends and followers to see. When your friends see it, we're hoping that they will also download and post it to all of their friends. We believe that through NoiseTrade we can reach a larger group of people with our music and ultimately that's what we want to do. Our main purpose is not to make money off of album sales, although it does help, but we want to lift the name of Jesus to as many people as possible. We're not just saying this to try and fit a mold, but this truly is our heart. We love to worship God and we want everyone possible to join in with us! Also, the great thing about NoiseTrade is you can leave us a tip. So, if you love the music and want to bless us or just contribute you can, and you get to choose the amount.  So take a moment and download it, post it, tweet it, or email it and help us spread our music!