Hey everyone, we're really excited about an upcoming project we're going to be working on and wanted to share it with you. We're going to be working with Nathan Watkins at Rhythm House Productions in Nashville to create our first "Radio Single." This is definitley something new for us, but we're really excited about working with him and seeing what God has in store for it. 

With all that being said, this is how you can help us out. First off is prayer! We can never get enough of it. Our prayer is that our song will be saturated with the presence of God. Also, our prayer is that after production is complete, our song will be presented to the right promoter, who will believe in the song and push it to radio. Lastly, we pray that radio staions will play it...haha! So obviously we need your prayer.

The second way you can help us out is through finances. Like anything, this process will cost money. We're so thankful for each and every person that has blessed us and our ministry. So if you would like to donate to the Matt Littlejohn Band, we've placed a donate button below. What you will be donating to is simple; the recording, production and promotion of a "Radio Single."



Thank you very much for your support and prayers! We're really excited and can't wait to get started and let you hear the finished product! 

- Matt Littlejohn Band