We love the opportunity to bless whoever we can by giving away our music, and today is your lucky day. Our latest single You Never Leave Us, is now availiable for download on NoiseTrade. This song was written to bring hope and encouragement to anyone searching for it. Everyone we come in contact with has a story. Everyone has faced a battle or two in their lifetime and many are facing them right now. What better way to share the hope of Christ than to do it through something as heartfelt and simple as music. No matter what your facing, God is always there. He is always faithful to save us and will never allow us to go through more than we can bare. Although we've all been there saying, God this is too much! His promise stands true, He will never leave us or forsake us and His perfect plan is always for our good. So today, wheater you're on top of the world and everyone is going your way, or you're getting hit from all angles....God is there. He'll pick you up and lift you to new places!

We really hope you enjoy the song and we ask that you share it with your friends. Maybe you know someone who is struggling with some heavy situations in their life, share this song of hope and ultimatly the Hope of Christ! Follow the link below!